Wellness-Focused Design


Wellness-focused design involves air and sound quality, neutral/nature color palettes, lighting, materials, and incorporates biophilic design.

Phew, that’s a lot to understand, right!?

A great way to approach this is how COVID-19 affected most of us. We were and likely still are, working remotely and perhaps still schooling our kids in our homes. Who would of thought this would happen?

What did we find out very quickly? Our homes are not serving us well, and we are not serving our homes. There is much Disharmony.

In fact, prior to COVID, our homes WERE a temporary way-station for us to eat, sleep and run through with our seemingly ever busying life. Rush out the door in the morning, throw food at the kids before or after sports, get homework or office work done, go to sleep, rinse repeat. Maybe see your friends once in a while. Add in pets, OH MY!

YUCK! NOT.FUN.AT.ALL. Actually quite exhausting being on that Hamster wheel.

The beauty of COVID is it gave us ROOM TO BREATHE. Allowed us to slow done for once and find a way to savor this time with our spouse and or kids. Our pets are much happier because we are around more.

AND YET – Dad/Mom has no dedicated office space, kids are schooling at the kitchen island. Dogs are running around looking for attention or need to go out, cats are walking on your laptop/keyboard. ALLTHATNOISE! Shhhhh, please be quite while I’m on my Zoom – in my jammie pants.

Lets unpack this.

Let’s unpack this right here and now. All this crazytime and a messy home is not a way to lift your mental/phyicalhealth. It’s surely a way for your blood pressure to go up, anger, frustration, venting, you name it – with little moments of love and laughter. Stress is hard on your body. Raise your hand if you enjoy living like that. No? Is this better now than BEFORE COVID? Sort of. No? Okay, let’s move on to…

Wellness-focused design and where I fit in. Real complaints my clients have:

  • Not enough light – what IS it with builders not putting in celling lights in the main rooms? This even makes me go crazy!
  • Clutter – You know who you are. And no, you don’t really know were EVERYTHING is in those piles/drawers. Beleive me, I have to go thru them on occasion, and toss stuff as well!
  • How to use the unused space/room – I can figure that out for you, since I don’t live with you.
  • Kids toys – we need to talk. You have two wee ones and 500 toys! Are you a secret hoarder, letting yourself go with only the kids stuff?
  • You want your home to work for you in all the ways you need, including making you feel like an actual adult. Well you are, but your interiors sure don’t reflect that.

See where I’m going with this? In the end you want your interiors to elevate your everyday. To lift your physical and mental health – without that we cannot operate as a good parent, spouse, or business owner.

That feeling you get when you look at that cool new/antique car in your garage, or the way you feel holding your newborn child, kitten or puppy, that new engagement ring, or the perfect vacation? this is how you should feel EVERYTIME you walk into your home. This is where you and your home ARE serving each other very well. Your Home will thank you, too!

We require a space where we can decompress, and refresh because that helps us make sense of all this stuff going on in the world around us. Throwing up new paint on the wall won’t fix a thing. Really.

Use quality products, so you won’t keep buying newer versions, thereby wasting $$. Sustainable things like heartpine floors, stone, a few antiques to ground your rooms, plants (indoor and outside,) and great lighting make rooms sing. You need places to revitalize, and nest. To work/school at home, with a connection to the outdoors. All of this is the crux of Wellness-Focused Design.

Many of you have homes that feel not quite finished, or something is off and you just can’t put your finger on it. You feel its missing something. Your concerned about the mental and physical health of you or your family. Let me soothe these worries and bring Wellness-Focused Design into your home. Once your interiors reflect this, you may decide to pair down the activities and focus on living a more relaxing lifestyle.

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