Behind the Scenes: Master Bath Remodel

black shower head switched on

A master bath remodel usually happens when your home is 13-15 years old, same with the Kitchen. unless it doesnt work well for you before then. These are Major undertakings – especially if you are moving tubs, toilets, showers, or major appliances. Basically anything that requires moving plumbing.

Your investment to include an extra 20% for what we may find behind the walls as we are working on your project. When planning this, it’s important to have your Interior designer working with your contractor, or as in my case, I already have contractors I’ve vetted and we work well together.

Why use an interior designer on these projects?

We know and have access to many products beyond the few the contractor will use. and if you’re looking for a high-end bath, that is important. For instance your contractor might not know about these tubs by Penhaglion We also select with you the cabinetry,flooring, lighting and such. Plus we may add a special design to an area.

For this Master Bath remodel project were in South Riding Estates. My clients wanted this room to work better for them, including having more storage, and her husband desired a larger shower. Here you see my client’s basic early 2000’s master bath. Not much going for it, and pretty normal for this area. That tub is like a small boat, the front takes up valuable space, and the counters are packed in an awkward space to the left. Lord have mercy this is poor design!

Bathrooms are tough to photograph. Hi Y’all! That tub had 4 feet of tile decking in front of it.

She and I liked the idea of going dramatic with a tub having a dark grey finish on the outside. However, it’s cast iron, and the second floor cannot take that weight unless it’s reinforced. The pretty white tub we ended up choosing came from a company in California.

Here comes the tub!

Love the new sconces! We had a specific size in mind and it took awhile to find the exact ones that would have enough light without blinding you. I designed the wood frames around the three mirrors that hold the four sconces, to make a luxury statement, which my clients loved. Ceiling lights and a quieter vent fan (another thign the clients wanted) were added.

master bath remodel

Tada! Clients were so happy with the results. Underneath the porcelain plank tile is heating for the floors. We chose this tile pattern as we liked how the grey flows together, rather than all chopped up in different directions like you sometimes see in magazines.

So pretty! We liked the coffee colored cabinets with the white and grey marble floor for a warmer feel.
Master bath remodel tub and shower

My client told me her hubby was taking much longer showers as he loved the way it looked and the larger size. We took out the double doors to the master bathroom and installed a 36″ door. It was the only way to get more space to move the shower walls out.

Here are the project details:

  • Project was supposed to take two weeks, workers got sick and orders weren’t all there at the beginning of the project – key to coming in on time. In the end it was a 3.5 week project.
  • When sourcing these standalone tubs, lengths are pretty much 56″ to 76″ unless custom made. However, the width at the bottom can be as tiny as 14″ wide! Pay attention to this so you can fully fit into the tub.
  • Try not to add things in at the last minute – even product. This will add time and cost to the project. If you want that Toto Neorest toilet or Washlet, make sure you tell us initially so we can plan for it.
  • Overall from demo to completion this client invested $38k for their Master Bath Remodel. Of course it could have gone much higher. This included product and labor. My design fee was seperate.

As with kitchens, the skies the limit to what you desire, when it comes to what you want. If you’re ready to tackle a major remodeling project like this, we’ll help your deam it up.

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