How to Update your laundry and Mudrooms

a boy putting laundry in a washing machine

Can we talk about un-inspiring boring Laundry Rooms? Do you have space for a mudroom?I posted on FB back in the Fall about this, and whoa did that open the floodgates! Even better each of these projects is different space-wise and location-wise. Turns out many desired to upgrade these rooms so they could enjoy being in them.

Let’s walk through these before and after’s.

First up is my client living in a new 55+ community called Birchwood at Brambleton. Her laundry room is on the second floor of her home. She liked that, but needed a way to better utilize all that space. Surprised me to see a utility sink up there! In the past, this would be in the basement laundry room or garage, or first floor laundry – off the garage.

Here you can see the before typical of what your builder gives you. Along with the plastic sink, there’s that usual rack over the washer and dryer. Really rather boring, eh? The cat litter boxes you see were being tossed because she found an actual box you can see with litter, You can toss in the trash; frees up space. Nothing inspiring here!

Here is the after, quite an elegant improvement. she didn’t want the sink, and liked the idea of a table for folding laundry. Recently my client told me her older kids now are doing their own laundry. Call me impressed!

Next we move to a Single Family home In Aldie. The client closed off the sitting room of their still huge Master Bedroom, to create her upstairs laundry. Before we updated this it wasn’t terrible – accept for the bright, screaming yellow table on the right. Built-in shelves were already in a nook created when the room was closed off, and we talked about finding something to hide the three litter boxes which would be easy to move to gain access. She found a screen to out in front, but desperately wanted a nicer looking space with a folding area and storage out of site, and a sink to handwash dainty items.

Isn’t this too pretty now? So warm and inviting. That old yellow table is gone! I thought of adding a chair by the washer, so the last five minutes she can scroll on the phone while waiting for the loads to finish. Adding a lamp to the folding area makes for a nice touch, especially with the new dryer rack. To the right of the dryer, we added a sink and vanity.

Much nicer look, with great storage!

For our last after, because the before was justaboutright…and yet? The homeowner felt it wasn’t a haopy place to do her laundry.

WOW, what a transformation! The washer/dryer was here as were the built-ins, upper cabinets and sink. We chose the wall paint color to match with the new tile (installed from floor up to underneath the upper cabinets) and get close enough to the color of the washer/dryer. Also painted the same color inside the cubbies to tie it all together. Not much longer after this laundry and mudroom was completed and the house was sold. Client said the new owners were pleasantly surprised when they first saw this room.

Can you imagine your laundry and mudrooms looking this amazing? I can, because while we talk about your needs and how you envision using these rooms, my mind is already seeing how it will come together. Talk about elevating your everyday experience and lifting your mental health while doing a really boring chore, this is all about Wellness-Focused Design.

Let me know if you want help upgrading your laundry and or mudroom. I’d be delighted for you to see the transformation your space, and your mind will have.

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