Born in the boot of Texas, I've always liked to go bigger. How has that played out? Lots of moves to Marine Corps bases while growing up, finally landing in McLean, Virginia at the age of 15.

Surrounded by antiques my grandparents purchased in Shanghai, Japan in the late 1920's and early 1930's. When my grandfather was in The China Marines. Sadly, I never met them, yet I know them well thanks to all these family heirlooms..

Walter Nichols Chinese Art Deco Rugs, Bertha Lum Prints (Spirit of the Sea, The Dragon King and His Bride). A wide banquet size Dinner table with 11 custom tablecloths. Custom Minton China -not even in the Minton book - Steiff Rose silverware. Small Jade tea cups, My grandfather's Polo trophies, a Chinese Mud Screen from the 1600's in Old Mandarin, which we finally had translated in 2012.

 My grandmother had the adage to buy the best you can afford.  I believe this as well. Such beautiful and memorable gifts to receive as they were handed down to us.

 We all know changes come as you move through your life. My journey with what I was surrounded by, evolved into my Modern Maximalist Signature Style.

You'll have the experience of your newly designed rooms being an expansive gift that opens up to celebrate your authentic self.

Worked in accounting departments of residential and commercial builders. Went to design school to find out if there was anything I didn't know? (CAD!) Gives me mad skills when it comes to managing clients discrete investment in their projects. My talent for interior design aligned with this unusual life background? it's very rare in this industry. Are You Intrigued?