Colorful Interior Design in Arlington, VA


Colorful interior design, for sure! The clients have been in their home for a few years.

They were ready to put their stamp on it, with a more colorful design.

based on their Alma Mater – UVA Starting with the Master bath.


They really like their newly designed transitional living room. It so elegant!

This is maximalist design and shows how well diferent patterns work together.


Client desired a colorful, master bedroom, yet wanted it more dramatic and elegant to match their UVA colors.

Talk about meeting their expectations!


The clients’s in-laws visit often, So we toned the drama factor way down.

The traditional guest room design fits the style the elders like, while still adhering to the colors in the home.

We were happy with the end results, and know the wife’s Mother-in Law will be pleased.












And a Beautiful master bath to go with it!



The guest room is subtelty infused with colors used throughout the home and also pulls them from this lovely rug.

Their Mother-in-Law, enjoys staying in this more traditonal, comfortable room.

Nature Inspires us with it’s abundance of colors, why not bring them inside? After all, that is what Bophilic Design is about.


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