Home Remodel in Red Cedar, Leesburg VA


The owners desired cohesive rooms in shades of blues, and creams, with some added architectural interest. The first project was for the wife, who desired a feminine home office a la Nancy Meyers designs in the movie:” Something’s Gotta Give” with a less over decorated version of that.

The Client’s do like to entertain. Those flowers sure look real, but they are faux in an acrylic base. The blues and creams here are refined. A decision was made to have no side table to the left of the sofa as the doors open to back yard.

Home-remodel-lakes-at-red-rock-leesburg-va-master-bedroom-interiors-by-heather-b-aldie-vaAh, the owner’s bedroom. So calming and such a nice view outdoors. All in shades of cremes and blues with a touch of shimmer.

 Very elegant and soothing colors flow through all the rooms, in a different ways.

This project is Traditional and a tad Transitional.

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