Moody Interiors A Lakehouse- Lake Norman, NC

Another Client contacted us who’s interested in the Moody Professor look – this time for their lakehouse in Lake Norman in North Carolina

Being at the lake is all about the outdoors, and bringing some of it inside.

The clients desired an outdoor kitchen with all the goodies.


Talk about a cozy family room for many guest and family to sit, chat and take in that stunning lake view!

This moody design let’s the view take the stage. Rug and all furniture is new. Added the built-in bookcases to the side of the fireplace.


Bedroom goals for this Moody Lakehouse?

Have it feel like you could unwind and relax from all life’s stress, and sleep soundly, deeply, for rejuventaion.


Of course, the owners bath has to be a tad rustic glam – after all this is Lake Norman, NC!

While there are many homes here that are super large,  having one that merges with it’s landscape to let nature be the show is perfection.

Think we met that goal. When can we come for a visit?








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