Haymarket Custom Home

This client was very special. She had lost her first husband, a Fairfax County Policeman years back when some crazy person came into the precinct to create havoc.

Later married a Airline pilot and this was their first home together. So it had to be special

In the kitchen, we changed the counters, added the new paint color and installed the iron work betwen the windows.



Luckily, they appreciate color. Blue is always great with brown and in this case, it had to be as dark as the new cabinets.

With the interesting walls, the shower fit in nicely with the rectangular tub with lots of room to spare.


The Dining room seats got updated fabrics, a new rug, walls new paint color and we used a gilttery metallic wallpaper on the ceiling.

The living Room has been painted the same color as the dining room.

Added two cozy custom velvet sofas, the rug, the two plants and chairs next to the fireplace.

The client already had the washer/dryer and utility sink. We added the cutom built-in, and cabitnery.

The paint color was matched to the appliances, and is on the back wall of the built-in. We installed the stone tile all the way to the floor.

We also looked with the client through her art collection to see where we could use it in the house.

She was a delight to work with.

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