Sophisticated In Great Falls, VA


Prior to our clients moving into their newly built home, it was full of boring white rooms. They asked for our help to plan the interiors.

Desiring semi-traditional, glamourous rooms using soft shades of blues, lavenders, creams, and silver.

These soft colors, the rooms elegance and the transitional comfortable furniture,

make for a great place to entertain or relax with a good book, and a glass of wine or brandy.


What a gorgeous and moody dining room to spend a few hours with family or company, while creating great memories.


Here is their gorgeous master bedroom.

Feels sophisticated and is a sensory/visual feast with all the subtle colors and velvety textures,

with beautiful custom drapes framing the outdoor view.

Their Teen Daughter’s bedroom is a quite the departure -as expected.

Very pretty in shades that are used throughout the house.

The clients desired their teen daughter to have adult furniture. When she decides to move out, she can take it with her.








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