Custom Builders

What we can do for you!
Work as a team with you and the client's architect from the beginning.

how we-work-with-custom-builders-interiors-by-heather-b-aldie-va

  • Architects are great at what they do, as are Interior Designers, not only by benefitting the builder, but also by bringing our very valuable expertise to the table. Your client needs to know you'll only work with them IF they hire a designer  While this may be a big change for you, the time, money and hassles saved will be well worth it.
  • The team of architect, builder and designer will meet once a week for the initial month or so making sure all the plans are updated.
  • Your A+ Designer will read the architectural plans, redline them if they need to be changed in some way, and create a Design Book for you. This is where the savings come into play. While you are waiting 8-10 weeks for permits, the designer and client will be meeting to select everything, discuss moldings, etc.
  • You will meet with the designer before you receive the Design Book. As the builder, you know the scope and financial numbers the designer needs to make sure the clients stay on budget while making timely decisions.

  • Let's talk Project Timetables, with an A+ designer on board, you will save up to 2-3 months on the actual build. That means at least 8-10% savings for you as the builder.
  • For your clients, they will have the designer to help them pick out all the finishes, appliances, lighting, cabinetry etc. You and the designer will surely both have been to KBIS/IBS, knowing there is much more out there to offer them.
  • The Design Book is uploadable. Contains Cad files, elevations, tiling details, flooring details, spec sheets - basically will be so full of information the builder can send out the relevant files for bidding subs.
  • This keeps you from waiting forever on the client to get back to you about choices they need to make, thus the efficiency and time savings.